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Providing backend development service

Drive business growth by redefining your software solutions architecture.

Backend Development

Feature-rich solutions for backend development

A rich backend is necessary for controlling what happens on the server end. This helps in processing data to balance the action end and facilitates constant sending and receiving of inputs.

Several experienced backend developers on our team have designed, optimized, and deployed server-side software and can build complex functional protocols, develop libraries, and outline organizational structures for web and mobile interfaces to improve performance.

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Boost your growth with our backend development services

Custom Backend

Customized and highly targeted backend solutions to manage and store data from multiple sources for web and mobile interfaces.

Backend API Management

Using API tools, you can create, deploy and manage robust and ultra-secure APIs on-premises and in the cloud.

Enterprise Backend Services

Providing enterprise business solutions using frameworks such as PHP, Java, .NET to create complex EDA workflows, distributed SOA systems, middle wire layers, and SOAP Web Services.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud computing services include a complete set of cloud computing services for your business. Migrate seamlessly to public, private and hybrid clouds.

Backend CRM Development

Develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive CRM system based on a streamlined back-end solution, adhering to all professional technical standards.

Application Admin Backend

Enhance your user experience with powerful extensions to your interface like analytical tracking, push notifications, and cloud databases.


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What are the benefits of investing in quality backend development?

Reduces Time-to-market

It is not necessary to repeat development activities for OS and mobile devices when using API driven backend solutions

New Route for Innovation

Apps and websites can be developed easily with open APIs and managed collaboratively by developers

Reduce Development Cost

The API-first approach to backend development does not require building specific backend for different operating systems

Imbibes App Scalability

Developers can easily expand the rest interface over time by using API-driven servers, which are stateless

Build App Capabilities

In addition to picking up valuable user data from multiple sources, it is capable of running comprehensive databases

Increased Brand Awareness

Your content can be seamlessly shared across several channels with API access once it has been created

What makes us a good backend development partner?

Security First Approach

Due to our knowledge of MDM/MIM/MAM principles, we are able to generate API keys for controlling remote systems and protecting data from unauthorised access.

Vast Technical Expertise

The expert developers at Nurture Client have been providing software consultation for 20 years, selecting appropriate technologies and best practices to provide superior backend solutions.

Transparent Approach

As far as development goals are concerned, we adhere to the blueprint. We ensure system monitoring 24*7 so that any bottlenecks are discovered at the earliest stage possible, before major problems arise.

Adherence to SDLC

Through cult technology, we aim to improve your business processes - from planning to designing, testing to deployment and maintenance, we extend comprehensive support.


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