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PPc Management

E-Commerce PPC management

With around 65% of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) investing in PPC advertising, your company needs a smart and competitive strategy — especially when it comes to the ecommerce sector. That’s not easy when you have limited time, resources, and team members.
Nurture Client, however, is ready to become your newest team member. As an ecommerce PPC management agency with more than 20 years of experience, we’re a trusted choice for SMBs looking to not only advertise their products but also grow their companies.

Our E-Commerce Ads Services

When it comes to ecommerce PPC management, you want a turnkey solution. You don’t want to bounce between agencies and struggle to coordinate their strategies and remember their responsibilities. Instead, you want a trusted contact and provider for your E-Commerce PPC campaigns.
With Nurture Client you get everything you’ve wanted in a PPC provider because our services include these

Google ads

Maximize your real estate in search results with Google Ads.Advertise your brand and products to achieve goals related to improving brand awareness and sales, as well as remedying shopping cart abandonment with diverse pay-per-click ads for your E-Commerce company.

Bing Ads

Go beyond Google with Bing Ads, now called Microsoft Advertising, with our ecommerce PPC services.Capitalize on competitors that ignore Bing Ads with a dedicated campaign for this platform. Earn sales, build brand awareness, and bring back customers that abandoned their shopping cart with a competitive and targeted campaign for this ad network.


Make your day-to-day even easier with GoDataFeed management from our team. Let your experienced Nurture Client account manager handle managing your GoDataFeed so that you can focus on processing orders, restocking inventory, and growing your business.


Google Shopping

Your dedicated Nurture Client account manager will take care of developing, creating, launching, and managing your Google Shopping ads. From Product Shopping to Showcase Shopping ads, your dedicated account manager will help you leverage each one to drive orders.

Our Pricing


Basic plan

15%of ad spent/month

INITIAL INVESTMENT: $1,000 + 1 Months Management Fee
$1,750 minimum

  • Google PPC Network
  • Bing PPC Network
  • Ecommerce PPC ROI reporting
  • Google Display Network


Aggressive plan

14% of ad spend / month

INITIAL INVESTMENT: $700 + 1 Months Management Fee
$2,975 minimum

  • In-store visit reporting
  • Google customer match and
  • Google audience match
  • Gmail competitor ads


Market Leader Plan

12% of ad spend / month

Management Fee
$7,500 minimum

  • Advanced keyword research
  • Industry analysis
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • Ongoing keyword tweaking
Years of experience
People and Projects
Success Rate
Team Members

Benefits of E-Commerce PPC

Get more qualified traffic

One of the top benefits of PPC for ecommerce is that you don’t have to wait for results. That’s because PPC targets people searching for your products online. In comparison, traditional advertising strategies target everyone and anyone, which means you’re paying for people outside your target audience to see your ads.

Use a cost-effective advertising option

Did you know that pay-per-click advertising boasts an average ROI of $2 for every $1 spent. If you’re focusing your ad spend on Google Ads, that amount increases to $8 for every $1 invested.. That’s a tremendous return on investment. It’s one of the many reasons why PPC (for any industry) is a must-use strategy.

Create hyper-targeted ads

Ecommerce PPC also features a significant number of targeting options. This trait makes it one of the best online advertising strategies available. With the various targeting options available, your Nurture Client account manager can make hyper-targeted, revenue-driving campaigns for you.

Generate more brand awareness

PPC is also a great way to boost awareness of your E-Commerce store. While brand awareness isn’t a core focus for most ecommerce companies, it’s a worthwhile goal. When you dedicate some of your ad strategy to brand awareness, you can capture future market share by focusing on users in earlier stages of the digital marketing buying funnel.

Measure results with ease

With E-Commerce PPC, it’s also incredibly easy to track and measure the success of your campaigns. Via Google Ads’ conversion tracking , you can gauge the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and determine how many ad clicks lead to website purchases, phone calls, blog signups, and more. You can also link Google Analytics to your Google Ads account for even more insight.

Convert more visitors into customers.

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